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The base (at the bottom) was Originally posted on the old radio show website in 2004, the old article maintains its original components but was updated 2017-12-26

Dawood Ibrahim is a notorious organized crime boss in Asia. His influence far exceeds what Americans are used to with similar Mafia Bosses. Ibrahim is more of a financier, mob boss, terrorist mastermind, strategist, banker, human trafficker, and much more. According to investigative data Ibrahim bailed the Pakistani government out of debt with a gift of two billion dollars. As a result, his behavior has proven that he “owns” the ISI in Pakistan. Such influence allows him to move freely, break laws at will, traffic contraband, arms, humans, drugs, guns, and anything else he wishes with complete immunity.

Many in the worldwide investigative operations believe that the first target for the financial asset seizures immediately after the passage of the Patriot Act was to seize billions of dollars in Ibrahim and D-Company’s assets that were scattered around the world. It is further believed that the massive decrease in terror activities immediately following the seizures in early 2002 were a direct result of cutting off their funds.

Forbes Magazine has done a respectable job developing a profile on him Read it here

Ibrahim is in the crosshairs of worldwide counterterror and investigators. A report in Money Control News - September 2017 Dawood Ibrahim is in Pakistan.  Read the Article

Will interviewed a well-known Indian investigative reporter in the mid 2000's. She was doing a week-long expose on Ibrahim. He and his thugs grabbed her off the street, took her to a cemetery. They showed her a grave with her headstone on it. They told her to stop or the next day she would be in the grave. She came to the USA for safety. She went into hiding in the USA.

Another journalist who tread the same path met a sadder end. Senior investigative journalist Jyotirmoy Dey was shot dead by motorcycle-borne killers in broad daylight in Mumbai’s central suburb of Powai. Read the Article

To add a little context, below is an article written by editor-in-chief or The Indian Express, Shekhar Gupta. He describes his interactions with “India’s most wanted man”, Dawood Ibrahim, while he was at India Today:

 “I had had one long, and partly on-record conversation on the phone with Dawood Ibrahim before the Bombay blasts, set up through my colleague [rediff.com editorial director] Sheela Bhatt, who edited the Gujarati edition of India Today and was a veteran on the underworld beat in Bombay.

“This was in 1992, just after Dr Manmohan Singh, as finance minister, was freeing up the economy and opening up imports, even of gold. I called Dawood (in Dubai) and asked if this had not harmed his smuggling business. He said what we called smuggling in India was a legitimate business activity in Dubai, so he was breaking no law.

“He also said he welcomed what “Manmohan ji” had done, except that somebody should have done that much earlier. He did not regret losing some business, he said, as “my country benefited from such reform.” He was at pains to underline his patriotism.

“Even in cricket, he said, he always supported and betted on India and was so distraught (he spoke in language more colourful than this, but unpublishable) that India had lost to the West Indies in the World Cup that morning — that is why we know that the conversation took place on March 10, 1992, when the West Indies walloped India by five wickets at Wellington.

“He said any time I wanted a more proper interview, I only had to let him know….

“He spoke to Sheela Bhatt again after the bombings (published alongside my story in India Today, April 15, 1993) and said he was being victimised by Bombay Police. He fulminated over how badly Muslims were targeted in the Bombay riots, how their women had been humiliated and children burnt, but denied any role in the serial bombings whatsoever. If the government set up an inquiry consisting of RAW and the CBI in Delhi, but excluding Bombay Police, he would even present himself before it. Of course, no such thing was to happen as his gang’s role in the conspiracy became clearer by the day.

I decided now to take him up on his earlier offer of a more “proper” interview, and called him. He said he couldn’t promise that “right now”. But after some cajoling, he agreed to see me if I came to Dubai, though only if I agreed to keep the meeting off the record unless he agreed to come on record.

“I did visit Dubai in the first week of April, 1993 and presented myself at his “workplace”, the 17-storey Pearl Building housing many airline offices in the buzzing Al Fahidi Street, a kind of subcontinental shopping paradise then.

“Dawood and his brother Anees were at their 12th floor office, decorated with gold-inlaid paintings of Ajmer Sharif and Quranic verses. It was just around noon, but I was struck by the fact that the morning’s Times of India (Bombay edition) lay on his table — the don stayed in touch with the latest!

“He was in the news then and, of course, all references to him and Dubai in a front-page story had been blackened out by Dubai censors.

“Dawood was not willing to give an interview now. Not even to acknowledge that he was in Dubai. “When we do the interview, bhai,” he said, “you won’t come to Dubai just like this.” He would call me back again, he said, and then “my car will go and receive you at the tarmac and bring you to me… you will be my guest… and my people will also take you shopping” etc, etc. But for now, he said, please do not even mention that you met me here, “as it creates problems for my hosts”.

“I persisted, nagged and talked around him as reporters usually do, and all he would concede was that I mention I visited his office, without quoting any conversations. And then, as I turned around to leave, making no secret of my dismay and even reluctance, he sensed something.

“Ai bhai,” he said, as I turned around, hoping somehow that he had changed his mind.

“Dekhna bhai, likhna nahin maine jo kaha (see, brother, do not report what I said)”, “dekho na, achcha nahin hoga (see, it won’t be nice)”.

It felt as if the temperature had suddenly dropped 30 degrees below zero, and yet I was sweating on the forehead. That memory isn’t selective, nor is it convenient. And it hasn’t faded even a bit after two full decades.”

In 2009 an Associated Press report, widely circulated, was printed tying Ibrahim and his D-Company to piracy and the funding of terrorism. Read

For reference, in italics is the meat of the original article from 2004.

Ibrahim, the most feared power broker in the region, is believed to have funded and masterminded the March 1993 bombings in Bombay (Mumbai). That attack was, prior to September 11, 2001, the most deadly and destructive act of terror in history. He was also involved in the attack in Mumbai in 2008.

Dawood Ibrahim is a gangster who has been extremely active in India, Pakistan, and the surrounding nations. He is originally from Dongri in Mumbai, India.

In 2003, the Indian and United States governments declared Ibrahim a "Global Terrorist." He is the head of the Indian organized crime syndicate; D-Company based in Mumbai.

Dawood Ibrahim is currently on the wanted list of Interpol for:

  • Cheating
  • Criminal Conspiracy
  • Operating an organized crime syndicate

Number three on The World's 10 Most Wanted list for years. He is still on the run today.

Many believe that he funded both attacks on the World Trade Centers in NYC.

India insists he resides in Karachi, Pakistan. Pakistan denies any knowledge of him. Our intel indicates that Ibrahim "owns" the ISI in Pakistan. The ISI is the secret police. Ibrahim is alleged to have raped hundreds of beautiful Bollywood actresses that his people grabbed off the street for his pleasure. Reports say that he operates with impunity in Pakistan.

Reports also claim that Ibrahim "gifted" Pakistan with over a billion dollars to help balance their budget shortfalls. In return he is "above the law".

In September 2011 top Pakistani army and intelligence officials were observed attending the wedding of Dawood's son Moin Nawaz at a Karachi mansion known as the "White House."

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