Alert – Eyes on – Venezuela, Columbia, and Panama

The Main Stream Media has a centuries long history of turning a blind eye or forwarding the advance of communist and socialist dictatorships and rebel hit squads highlighted by the ELN and the FARC. Millions have died and have been subjugated by them over the past century and a quarter.

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There has long been an existential threat brewing in Venezuela and through South and Central America. US news media is silent on the issues that plague the regions. The US problem with illegal immigration would evaporate if there was stability in even one country there. Thirty second searching the internet for South or Central American governmental corruption will yield 100 hours of intensive reading. The problem is out of control. Venezuela is at the top of the list for threats.

The poor people of Venezuela are trapped by their government. They are being gunned down in the street by FARC rebels working with their socialist communist government. It has gotten so bad that the people have eaten dogs, cats, rats, and worse.  

Panama and the areas surrounding Columbia and Venezuela are on the Gulf of Mexico and areas of which the coastal rights are highly disputed. That area is patrolled by and under the oversight of the US Naval Forces Southern Command and US 4th Fleet. The US has numerous treatise and agreements with most of the nations in that region. In the even of an “event” they stand ready to deploy rapidly into the area to contain conflict.

Make no mistake, a battle in with FARC and the ELN would be no cake walk. The region has been so corrupt and the nations so war torn for so long that these two rebel factions are quite formidable adversaries. The ELN is heavily armed, highly skilled, it even employs engineers, doctors, has tanks, anti-aircraft weapons, and more. They are rated as the 39th most powerful military in the entire world.

Venezuela is in serious crisis. Their government owned oil company was sold to the Russian owned oil company (See this article for details). Rosneft the Russian State owned company swapped its collateral stake in Citgo for stakes in three additional PDVSA oil fields, two natural gas fields, and fuel supply contract. To compound the threat, that means by default, Rosneft now has the contract to operate the Panama Canal.


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